From SharePoint to Dynamics

It has been a long journey from my first foray into SharePoint back in 2007 as a .NET developer at the University of Washington to a Dynamics 365 consultant at Microsoft.

Although I joined Microsoft back in 2015 as a SharePoint consultant, I quickly found that my clients were pushing their use of SharePoint well beyond the limits of relational lists and libraries. Once there were more than two lookup lists with other related data, the kinds of insights and reporting that would need to be customized and maintained over time made SharePoint look less appealing as a platform for enterprise solutions. Of course there is always a place for document collaboration scenarios, but the kinds of relational database applications that were being built clearly had Dynamics written all over it.

Fast forward 3 years and I have a similar thirst for building that I did back in the SharePoint hey-days when quick business value could be realized in short time frames. The ability to also integrate a public website with CRM data as part of Dynamics 365 Portals makes the platform even more appealing.