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For those of us who have been playing around with SharePoint Online (Office 365) since Wave 14, the ability to allow Anonymous users to interact with your public site was a great feature.

When Microsoft moved to Wave 15 and then changed up the Small Medium Business (and Enterprise tenants) to use a severely limited public website interface, the ability to grant anonymous access to users to see list data was taken away.  I had written in the past about granting permissions using a custom web part, but it seems like this didn’t work anymore in the P1 tenants (or any non-Enterprise tenants).

What I discovered recently is that the solution still works, but since it uses code within an Sandbox Solution, only Enterprise tenants can execute the solution because a configuration change is needed to increase the Server Resource Quota for your ‘public’ website.  The default is set to zero (0) which allows declarative XML for sandbox solutions, but doesn’t allow any code (either feature receiver or web part code) to execute.


I couldn’t find a way to increase this in a P1 tenant because there is no interface for resource quota, but once this is set to a non-zero number, you can access the solution gallery on your public site by appending /_catalogs/Solutions/Forms/AllItems.aspx to your public site URL (for example:

Once the sandbox solution is activated, just add the Anonymous Access List Permissionator web part to a page and follow the blog post referenced here.


I created a sample list and put it on a development site.  You can even grant ‘AddListItem’ permissions for anonymous users.  Check it out here:

AALPPublicWebAdd AALPPublicWebCustomers

Good luck and use it while you can because it looks like Microsoft is taking away the Public Website and it will only be good for two years.

The webpart can be downloaded here:

WSP: AnonymousAccessListPermissionator


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  1. Hi ,

    I have tried your solution to deploy on our public site.

    1. The catalogs/solutions.. url is accessible.
    2. I have uploaded the solution.
    3. But , when i am trying to activate the solution . It throws the error that ” Solution validation failed” .

    Can you please help me on this, i got struck here.

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