Making the most of your Migrated Office 365 P1 Public Website

I know this won’t apply to the newly provisioned O365 sites, but for anyone who was lucky enough to have an original O365 P1 site and was upgraded to Wave 15, you are now able to use the new built-in Themes for Anonymous Users!

I have just scratched the surface, but here are the steps required to give your P1 site some great out of the box branding with little effort.

Open your Site Settings

If you have tinkered with your O365 site in the past, you most likely have had to find the site settings page. It is as simple as appending /_layouts/settings.aspx to your site URL. If you want to get there from the UI try the following:

  1. Click on the little gear in the upper right corner of your page and select Site Contents


  2. Look for the ‘Settings’ gear in the middle of the screen next to the recycle bin and click it.

Enable your Publishing Features

  1. Under the ‘Site Collection Administration’ heading, click on Site Collection Features.


  2. Scroll down until you see the Publishing Features -> Activate it

Change the look

You should now be able to change the look of your site and have these changes appear to Anonymous Users

  1. Click on the gear and select ‘Change the look’


  2. Go through the steps to select and apply the look to your site

Navigation is key

So now you can see a sweet built-in theme right? Well what really makes this technique shine is that since you activated the Publishing site collection feature, you now have the enhanced navigation capability available to your theme and any sub-sites you may have.

  1. Get back to your site settings by clicking on the gear > clicking Site contents > clicking settings.
  2. Select ‘Navigation’ under the look and feel header


  3. Choose how you want your Navigation to appear (use some trial and error until you get it right)

All done with time to spare

This quick way to make enhancements to your public web site allows you to use the power of SharePoint in the cloud for a low cost. My site is a living example of a migrated O365 P1 experience. Whatever you do, don’t repoint your DNS to the new SharePoint-public site that you are given. It has greatly reduced functionality the most notable:

  1. No ability to create sub-sites with anonymous access.
  2. No sandbox solution gallery.
  3. No List templates gallery.
  4. The list goes on and on (see image comparison below)

Site Collection Administration features

Migrated O365 public site
New O365 Public site


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