If there is a better time to start a new blog, I can’t think of one. Today, on the eve of SharePoint Saturday NYC, hours before I take the trek from Maryland to NYC, I am typing my first blog entry (of what I hope will be many) into Microsoft Word to publish to Office 365. Is it going to work? I don’t know yet, but it is exciting for me to think that if you’re reading this sentence, something must have gone right, but in this moment I had no clue.

Part of what would make my life easier and more manageable (at least as far as starting a blog is concerned) would be if I could create a blog post using Microsoft Word and publish it to my Office 365 Small Business site. The ability to save, add images, and publish all at once would simplify things greatly.

The session that I will be presenting tomorrow is titled "Managing my life with Office 365 Small Business". The idea came to me to talk about how I could use some easy SharePointisms to make my life more manageable and productive. What it has turned into is how to stretch the measly $6 it costs per month to the hot/fresh taffy fullest degree.

How I Use Office 365 Small Business


Public Website / Blog

Private Website

Office Web Apps


Development Sandbox


It still seems like such a great deal to me to get all of this for the measly $6. Just hosting a simple public website on some fly-by-night host would cost more than this. The value is just an insane deal because it can be used as a proving ground for some ideas. Since my presentation is going to focus on the current version of Office 365 Small Business (SharePoint 2010 style) and not the shiny new Preview (a la SharePoint 2013), I will only mention that from what I’ve seen of the preview, there will be even more features added.

Now to post this with my fingers crossed in hopes that the bytes will flow though into the cloud.

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